Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table Review

When it comes to inversion tables the Ironman brand tends to stand out from the rest, and the Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table is no exception to the rule. Features of this table include both stress relieving functions and abdominal and core workout functions, ten different locking positions including a fully inverted 90-degree angle, heavy duty steel frame and folding ability, to name just a few. The Ironman LXT850 functions well as a reliever for back pain and aches, while also stimulating your circulation and enabling beneficial inverted abdominal exercises.

Not every inversion table is the same. It’s important to carefully consider key differences in tables before making your purchase, as an inversion table is often used on a daily basis. Let’s take a closer look at the various features and benefits of the Ironman LXT850 inversion table.

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Key Features

  • Vinyl covered foam backrest
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 10-level locking system using the Smart Gear System
  • Ratchet ankle locking system
  • Folds for storage
  • Non-skid foot stabilizers
  • Abdominal core training capacity

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 51 inches by 26 inches by 62 inches
Product Weight: 82 pounds
Height Adjustment: Up to six feet, six inches
Total Inversion Angle: 90 degrees
Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

Choosing The Best Inversion Table

An inversion table can be critical to your health, particularly if you suffer from back pain or other back ailments. Many inversion tables have similar features, which is why it is important to carefully review each table in order to identify key differences. The Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table offers some unique features, which will be discussed below. The biggest feature the Ironman LXT850 offers is the ability to perform as an abdominal workout machine and can be a great complementary piece of home exercise equipment.

Superior Craftsmanship

The Ironman LXT850 is built with a high quality and durable steel frame that is completed with a scratch resistant powder coated finish. The steel tubing is designed to be heavy duty, which enables this inversion table to hold up to 325 pounds in weight. Many inversion tables on the market only hold up to 300 pounds. The product’s weight itself is a testament to its durability and strength, coming in at 82 pounds. Users will want to recruit a friend or two to help with the setup.

Versatile 2 in 1 Exercise Equipment

Some inversion tables are made only to stretch and strengthen the back. While this can be beneficial, particularly for those struggling with back pain or related problems, an inversion table takes up a considerable amount of space. Having multiple uses for an inversion table doubles or triples its value. The Ironman LXT850 can easily be used for abdominal workouts and core training. Choose one of ten locking positions, lock the table into place, and practice stomach crunches, sit ups and more from an inverted angle. The inversion will help you target your core muscles and enables abdominal training in a minimal amount of time every day.

Safety Considerations And Features

The Ironman LXT850 comes with a safe, ratcheting ankle system designed to enable you to use the table without fear. The system also enables users to adjust the ankle brackets to the right dimensions for that individual, providing a custom fit every time. This model also comes with foam dipped handles designed to enable an easy return to an upright position. The heavy duty frame will also give users confidence in the system and will provide a higher level of comfort and satisfaction with the product.

Comfortable Padding

Padding can be a particularly important aspect, particularly if you’re planning on spending more than five minutes a day on your inversion table. This table comes with thick, vinyl covered foam that will provide the ultimate comfort in lumbar support and head protection. The foam pad extends up beneath the head to provide a comfortable pillow. It should be noted that the ankle grips do not have much in the way of padding. These grips are, however, ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit even without padding.

Pros Of The Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table

  • Supports up to 325 pounds
  • Heavy duty frame lends confidence to the user
  • Fully inverted position with 10 locking angles

Cons Of The Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table

  • Directions can be difficult to understand
  • Shoes or thick socks are required to prevent chafing of the ankles

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The Bottom Line

While not the cheapest table on the market, the Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table is well worth the money when you consider the versatility, durability and overall effectiveness of this product. Many users appreciate the extra padding this model provides, while others find the ability to use this table as a core training device to be the best aspect. Overall, the Ironman LXT850 seems to be well worth the purchase price and will aid in back pain relief. Take a look at the Ironman LXT850 and see why reviewers love using this table! See More Ironman LXT850 Reviews.