Ironman Gravity 2000 Review: Why You Should Own This?

A unique and effective way to get in better shape, the Ironman Gravity 2000 is a state of the art inversion table designed to relieve stress, improve vascular health, and take pressure off of swollen joints, ligaments, and vertebral discs. Humans are designed to stand or sit upright, which constantly presses down on our spines. This unrelenting pressure wears on the spine and the soft cushioning between each disc and can eventually lead to chronic back pain.

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Sturdy And Durable Frame

When shopping for workout equipment that must support the weight of a person like a treadmill, bench press station, or especially an inversion table, the first item on anybody’s list is safety. The Ironman Gravity 2000 inversion table features sturdy tubular steel framing that can support a person up to 300 pounds.

The support structure tapers out to a wide stance for a low center of gravity and even weight distribution. Its base features four durable non-slip, non-skid rubber pads to prevent slippage and anchor you in place while using it. On each side are placed safety bars that are easily accessed when the user wants to return to an upright position. You can rest easy knowing the Gravity 2000 will safely support you with ease and stability.

Built With Comfort In Mind

Ironman Fitness truly went out of their way to not only make this product functional, but comfortable as well according to inversion table reviews. Some other inversion table will feel like just that, a table somebody nailed to a couple posts. The goal of inversion exercises is to relieve stress and be comfortable, and the Gravity 2000 definitely doesn’t skimp on comfort features.

The backrest features plush cushioning upholstered in a durable, yet comfortably soft nylon. Perfect for melting away a knotted backside after a hard day’s work, the padding strikes the perfect balance between soft cushioning and firm support. The ankle cushions mold to fit and support tired feet. Their heavy-duty straps are fully adjustable to provide just the right fit to secure your feet in place during the inverted position.

The Gravity 2000 features three adjustable levels of inversion, the steepest being a full 180-degree rotation. These three settings are adjustable by means of an easy access panel. The table is also height-adjustable to accommodate users up to 6 feet 6 inches, or back down to minimum height when folded for compact storage.

Short And Long Term Benefits Of Inversion 

Not only do inversion tables provide much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work, it also provides many lasting physiological benefits as well. With age, our bodies suffer a tremendous number of aches, pains, stiffness, stress and even depression just as a result of the daily grind.

Use Preventive Care With Your Health

These afflictions and our negative emotional responses to them leave visible and physiological wear on our bodies, vastly accelerating the aging process. People who are happier tend to live longer and healthier than people who are chronically depressed or frustrated.

Using an inversion table helps relieve the daily aches and pains before they become serious issues. Inversion therapy relieves the spine of constant gravitational stress, effectively preventing spinal damage before it occurs. Inverting the body also increases vascularity throughout every organ system, allowing them to receive more nutrients, perform better, and last longer.

Improved Muscle Performance

According to Gravity 2000 reviews,  inversion tables have been shown to increase muscle flexibility and strength by allowing a greater passage of blood into each muscle fiber. In this way, using it after a workout will assist in speeding up recovery as well as reduce post-workout fatigue.

Stiffness after exercise is also attributed to not stretching properly. Allowing acids to build up within the muscle cause tissue damage and detract from your hard work. Supplementing your stretching routine with an inversion table helps flush out acids to put them in prime shape for recovery and help you feel live and limber even after an exhausting workout.

The Ironman Gravity 2000 also makes a convenient platform for inverted sit-ups and other exercises you can only perform using an inversion table. Incorporating an inversion table into both a workout and recovery has been shown to offer dramatic results exclusive to inversion table workouts.


  • Increased vascularity and a stronger circulatory system
  • Comfortable
  • Relaxing
  • Aids with stress relief
  • Prevents chronic aches and pains
  • Incredibly solid heavy gauge tubular steel construction
  • Compact design fits a variety of spaces
  • Long term health benefits- slow and prevent signs of aging, increase longevity
  • Short term health benefits- eliminate daily aches and assist in recovery after a workout.


Not for everybody- Inverting the body is not a common position for most of us, and some people may have a negative reaction to being upside down or strapped down. People with claustrophobia, vertigo, epilepsy, or other neurological or psychological conditions should consult with their physician before using an inversion table.

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The Bottom Line

For well under $200, you get improved physical performance; relief from aches, pains, and the visible signs of aging they cause; as well as a holistically happy, healthy feeling with increased longevity. You can read Ironman Gravity 2000 reviews at Amazon and they’ll all likely say the same thing: It’s a steal for what it’s worth.