Ironman ATIS 3500 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Ironman ATIS 3500 takes inversion therapy for back pain a step further and helps you strengthen your core area and abdominal muscles as well. Get an advanced stretching and improved circulation by inverting at 10 different levels in a locked position. Made of durable steel, the Ironman ATIS 3500 AB Training Inversion Table has a padded backrest with an inch of memory foam to provide ultimate comfort. The ultra-long safety handles make it easy to initiate the inversion process and the ankle ratchet system securely locks the ankles in place for comfortably while hanging upside down.

With so many models of inversion tables on the market today, it pays to know the different features that come with them as you make an informed decision. Most inversion tables simply just get you in a inverted position, but the ATIS 3500 has additional features that can actually help you get the most of your purchase. Let’s take an in depth look at why the Ironman ATIS 3500 is a popular option for inversion table users.

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Product Specifications

Dimensions: 58″ x 35″ x 62″
Product Weight: 111 lbs
Height Adjustment: Up to 6’6″
Total Inversion Angle: 90
Locking System: 10 different levels
Ankle Locking: Ratchet system
Weight Capacity: 325


  • Durable front non-skid stabilizers for extra stability.
  • Full 90 degree inversion capable and can lock in that position.
  • 2.5″ foam backrest with 1″ of memory foam with headrest.
  • Extra-large foot platform for easy access and exit.
  • Ankle ratchet system locks the ankles in place securely.
  • Solid construction with extra-wide oval tubular steel frame.

Choosing The Best Inversion Table

It’s important to carefully research review inversion tables reviews, ratings, and comparisons in order to identify key features. Knowing what you like can be especially beneficial in researching inversion table reviews. Think of it as an investment in your health as your core plays an integral part in body movements. Here are some of the key aspects of the Ironman ATIS 3500 review.

Ankle Support For Safe Inversion

The Ironman ATIS 3500 comes with a top-of-the-line ankle support and release system you’re sure to love. The ankle cushions are ergonomically molded for comfort and are durable enough to safely secure your ankles. A ratchet system allows you to adjust the ankle brackets to just the right fit. Another special feature of the Ironman ATIS 3500 is the extended lever for ankle release, which enables easy ankle release without having to bend all the way over to your knees or ankles.

Superior Craftsmanship

The Ironman ATIS 3500 inversion table is built to last with rugged steel tubing and a durable backrest. The steel frame is extra-wide and durable enough to support up to 325 pounds in weight and a frame as tall as 6’6″. This model does not fold, which may be considered an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on one’s viewpoint.

You’ll need to have some extra space set up for it, since it does not fold, but some people view this fact as an advantage and proof of the model’s supreme durability. This product weighs in at 111 pounds, so you’ll probably want some help setting it up, and it’s advisable to set up this product in the place you plan on using it.

The Ironman ATIS 3500 has a highly rated backrest. It is made out of 2.5″ of vinyl covered foam with a 1″ of memory foam to provide you with ultimate comfort. The backrest is built to last just as long as the rock solid frame. You may get comfortable enough that you want to stay on for even more time. There’s a handy holder for your keys, cell phone or other items, so you can stay on the table for as long as you want.


Do more than just stretch your back with this machine. The Ironman ATIS 3500 is designed to be a fully functioning abdominal workout machine. The Ironman ATIS 3500 can be set to ten different positions for peak optimization of use. Adjust to the level that works best for your workout routine. This model also comes with inverting stretch hand grips so you can make the most out of your routine. Hop on board for a quick stretch, a workout routine, or to just relax and work the kinks out of your back.

Safety And Support Features

This Ironman model is built with ultra-long safety handles for easy upright positioning. Return to a sitting position easily and safely after a workout or a stretching routine. Non-skid foot stabilizers add to the overall safety and durability of the product and provide an extra level of confidence, leaving you worry free while you’re inverted. There is a wide foot platform for ease of mounting and dismounting the table.

Pros Of The Ironman ATIS 3500

  • Strengthens lower abs while relieving back pressure
  • Allows advanced stretching while inverted
  • Safety handles, foot stabilizers and foot platform add safety and support
  • Great ankle support and release system
  • Super comfortable backrest

Cons Of The Ironman ATIS 3500

  • Doesn’t fold
  • Takes some time to assemble


The Ironman ATIS 3500 is available at a list price of $399.00. This is more expensive than all of the lower end models on the market, but it is still significantly lower in price than some of the high-end models available today. Additionally, this item can be purchased from Amazon for a substantial discount.

Is A Warranty Included?

One source listed a five year warranty for this product, but this has not been confirmed by any other sources. If the five year warranty is correct, this product would have the best warranty in place compared to other inversion tables on the market.

What’s In The Box?

* 1 x Ironman ATIS 3500 Inversion Table
* Assembly Tools
* User Manual

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The Bottom Line

The Ironman ATIS 3500 is arguably one of the more expensive models of inversion tables available. However, the benefits seem to make up for the difference in price. This is an versatile inversion table that helps you with stretching, blood circulation, and core workouts. If you are looking for home fitness equipment that is both sturdy and versatile, the Ironman ATIS 3500 is a great choice! See More Iroman ATIS 3500 Reviews.