Inversion Tables Do They Work

Posture problems can lead to a wide number of conditions, from back pain and headaches to pinched nerves and drastic changes in appearance. Once many people develop noticeable changes in vertebrae, the way their bodies function has already been greatly altered. If you find that you experience back pain and headaches that are related to your posture or the alignment to your spine, you may well have looked into inversion therapy. This is a unique and popular form of treatment that relies on gravity to help release pressure and elongate the spine. There are many common questions about inversion tables, “Do they work” being the most popular.

Inversion Tables Do They Work For Back Pain Relief

The history of inversion therapy dates back more than 2400 years, when the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, used a series of pulleys to suspend a patient who was experiencing back pain. The popularity of the treatment has gone back and forth in debate, but it has always been around. Changes in the methodology and materials used to exact the therapy have made it much more comfortable than in the days of Hippocrates, and for millions of people, the effects have been remarkable. In short, inversion therapy can be incredibly successful.

While medications are designed to mask pain and many surgeries are designed to alleviate certain symptoms, inversion therapy works to correct the problem that is causing the symptoms to start with. Using simple gravity to turn the body upside down, the weight of the head on the spine actually works to help pull the spine back into alignment. The process is not painful in any way, and for many people the best inversion table can offer almost immediate relief. It takes frequent use to move the spine permanently back into alignment as well as practice with better posture, but inversion therapy offers hope for many who were facing a lifetime of pain.

A Pain Free In-Home Solution

Studies show that, unlike medication and surgery, inversion therapy offers no risk of harm to the body. Modern inversion tables work very well and are designed with the safety of patients in mind. They are designed to lock the body safely and comfortably in place and have a number of features integrated in that allow people to easily control the angle of the inversion as well as to ensure that there is no risk of the table sliding, skidding, or falling. Increased safety and proof of benefit has made many people start trying inversion tables. Do they work?  Absolutely.

Now that you understand how inversion therapy works and that it is safe, it may be worthwhile to consider it for your own back pain or posture problems. Many people today have poor posture due to the amount of time spent leaning over computer desks. Inversion therapy can get you back on track without the need for frequent medication and doctor’s visits to try to control the pain. If you have ever asked “inversion tables- do they work?” the answer is an unequivocal yes, and you may just find that they are the solution to all of your back troubles.