Elite Fitness Inversion Table Review: Why Is It So Popular?

The Elite Fitness Inversion Table is a quality inversion table that sets new standards in design and function for inversion tables. The Elite Fitness Inversion Table is perfect for anyone with persistent back pain and muscle aches at any age. With this inversion table, anyone will be able to ease back pain, relieve tension and develop better circulation without ever leaving home. Inversion therapy is extremely therapeutic. Studies indicate that inversion has a positive effect on the body.

Everyday sitting and standing can put stress on the spine that can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright unbearable. If you feel drained or are in pain by the end of the day, or you want more energy in the morning, trust a reliable Elite Fitness Inversion Table review, and you decide if this inversion table is right for you. With the ability to counter, the negative effects of gravity on the body, and relieve your discomfort and pain from the back, and spine simply by inverting your body for just a few minutes a day, the Elite Fitness Inversion Table may just be the perfect choice for you.

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How To Choose An Inversion Table

At one point or another, almost everyone will have experienced some sort of back pain. Now that inversion therapy has become a primary source of treatment for back pain and so many other benefits, before you choose which inversion table to purchase there are several features to consider when choosing a great quality inversion table. Some of the features that the consumer should consider are:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Ease Of Use
  • Solid Construction

Comfort should be at the top of the list. A quality inversion table will provide padding and head support to ensure the comfort of the user.

A quality inversion table with have various safety features, a quality, inversion table provides secure support for feet and ankles.

Convenience is an enormous factor when purchasing an inversion table. If an inversion table is bulky or difficult to use, chances are you will not use it often. It should provide a lightweight yet stable frame.

Durability is a crucial feature to consider when purchasing an inversion table. This is an investment in your health and you want it to last for a long time.

Key Features

The Elite Fitness Inversion table according to inversion table reviews is easy to use and is an impressive piece of fitness equipment. It is ideal for the home to help aid in reducing stress, alleviating back pain, helping to stimulate circulation and so much more. Here are some of the most important features of the Elite:

Built For Comfort: This high quality inversion table is made with flexibility in mind. Users will find the features for comfort of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table very pleasing starting with the backrest. The generous backrest is comfortably padded and a removable pillow is included, which helps you to relax and be comfortable while inverting.

Multiple Inversion Angles: The inversion safety bar has three different positions that allow the user to stretch with reassurance at various angles. The user may preset the angle of inversion before using the inversion table. Simply adjust the bar to the preferred position and be assured that your inversion pose will be comforting and dependable.

Sturdy Frame: Meanwhile, the unit’s innovative pod style frame provides additional stability. Even on an uneven surface, you will feel safe and secure with the extra stability. Don’t worry about floor damage or scratches, the Elite Fitness Inversion Table comes with protective floor caps that prevent marking.

Easy Fold And Storage: The Frame is ingenuous; it is capable of easily being folded for trouble-free storage. The folding design allows the user to fold it up neatly and easily store it in any storage space available such as a closet or under a bed.

Additional Features: The Elite Fitness Inversion Table includes a height adjustment selector, so the user will be comfortable no matter what height requirements are needed. The easy to reach foam handlebars allow you to return very comfortably to an upright position effortlessly. Another fantastic feature is the oversized foam leg rollers that comfortably keep your ankles secure during inversion.

Pros Of The Elite Fitness Inversion Table

  • Versatile design
  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Space saving
  • Safe and effective
  • Durable

Cons Of The Elite Fitness Inversion Table

  • Instructions hard to follow
  • Assembly is not easy

While the Elite Inversion Table has plenty of satisfied users, it is understandable that occasionally there will be a few negative comments. Many owners of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table are saying that this table is comparable to tables costing far more and that if you do follow the instructions assembly is not that difficult.


Inversion tables can be expensive. One of the pros of the Elite Fitness Table is affordability. If you purchase the inversion table directly from a retailer, you can expect to pay up to $249.99 depending on the model. However, you do not have to pay that amount. On Amazon, I actually found the inversion table for quite a substantial savings over retail.

Warranty Information

There are many reasons why Elite is the best in the business. When it comes to a guarantee, Elite believes it is the most valuable services they offer. Elite always backs their products and strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The company is confident that you will be satisfied with The Elite Fitness Inversion Table that if, for any reason you are unhappy, you can return the merchandise for a refund of the products purchase price.

What Is Included In The Box?

When you purchase the Elite Fitness Inversion Table, you will receive:

  • Elite Fitness Inversion Table by Elite.
  • Assembly Instruction booklet
  • Usage guide

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The Bottom Line

Thanks to the excellent comfort, versatile features, the reasonable price and the high quality, you will be truly satisfied with the purchase of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table. There are plenty of other inversion tables out there, but if you do your own research, you will find the Elite inversion holds its own against more expensive inversion tables. Go to Amazon for more product reviews.