Body Max IT6000 Inversion Table Review: Should You Buy?

The Body Max IT6000 is a hot new product designed to help provide relief for your aching back. It involves inversion therapy, which counteracts the forces of gravity by elongating the spine and causing decompression to provide proper alignment. In other words, since gravity is continuously applying pressure to your spine and back while we stand, walk, and sit, the IT6000 reverses these negative effects. The Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table will improve your lower back, spine, circulation, and posture with just ten minutes a day of use.

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Key Features Of The IT6000

The Body Max IT6000 inversion table comes equipped with a variety of handy features to use for inversion exercises:

  • Safety strap that secures you while changing inversion positions.
  • Safety locks keep table secure, even when not in use.
  • Folds up easily for both storage and transport.
  • U-shaped handrails  make gripping.
  • Dual pin system allows to adjust the height capacity ranging from 4′ 8 to 6′ 3.
  • Ankle adjustments are made very easy and simple with the spring loaded pull pin.
  • The weight capacity can handle upwards to 250lbs.

Benefits Of Using Inversion Tables

For many folks, continuous visits to the chiropractor can get very expensive and beyond their budgets. This is why the Body Max IT6000 is your perfect natural, in-home solution. The inversion table allows you to do your routine from the comfort of home, and for far less than it would cost to see a physical therapist pay for a gym membership. Users that suffer from chronic back pain can find immense relief in using one of these inversion tables. It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day to get in an inversion session. Since the IT6000 doesn’t take up much space in the home, relief is always a couple of steps away.

The Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table works the entire back and provides relief with lower back pain and upper back pain. Different inversion angles and movements allow it to affect more than just one  area of the back. For users that need help with circulation, the Body Max IT6000 will do wonders. Since the user is inverted, it forces blood to rush to the sensitive areas while relieves the stress of the back. Therefore, the inversion table enables heightened circulation of the back that is not absorbed by the negative effects of gravity causing the back muscles to require more blood.

The Good And Bad 

As with any product, there will be those that like it and those who will think it stinks. According to inversion table reviews, the Body Max IT6000 has received excellent ratings. On, the IT6000 is a top seller and competes with higher end inversion tables at a fraction of the cost. Lets take a look from both sides.


Comfort: Many users of inversion therapy will find that the Body Max IT6000 it is a highly comfortable and flexible inversion table. The distribution of weight while inverted  makes it very easy on the ankles due to the adjustable pin system and the comfy, padded ankle straps. This allows the inverted user to feel safe and secure.

Easy Fold And Storage: Many people have to travel for a living, and when faced with the issue of spine and back pain, it is truly great and highly convenient to be able to easily pack up their inversion table and take it with them on the road. If one does not travel for a living, or travel much at all, the ability to fold up the inversion table also makes for easy storage, which is invaluable, especially when one has limited space and needs to be able to store their inversion table on a regular basis.

Easy Assembly: The IT6000 comes with detailed instructions in the box. Body Max has excellent customer that will offer support with assembly and you can even find videos on YouTube to provide assistance if needed. Within an hour of receiving it in the mail and getting it assembled, the user can use it and be feeling relief.


Difficult Full Inversion: There are only a couple of cons with the Body Max IT6000 inversion table. On is that it does not go all the way back by itself, so the user has to sort of crawl backwards to get it to invert them completely. It also does not lock into an inverted position. This can actually be a good thing, though, as the user does not want to become stuck in an inverted position.

No Position Lock: Another negative factor is that is will not lock at an specific angle, and so the user’s weight is constantly pulling on the belt attached to the bottom of the table. This means having to bend down to adjust the ankle straps, which can be very hard for someone suffering from back pain. In this instance, the user may need assistance from another person.

What’s In The Box?

What you get out of the box is the complete Body Max IT6000 inversion table along with detailed, easy to use instructions. The parts are also simple and straightforward to apply to the inversion table, and within an hour or so of receiving the product the user should be well on their way to getting inverted and getting that much needed back relief.

Warranty And Price

There is a 5 year warranty with the Body Max IT6000. This shows that the manufacturer stands behind the quality and performance of the equipment. Feel safe knowing that you have made a wise investment.

There are some great prices for the inversion table at Amazon, with prices at over a 40% discount. There are even some great bundled deals with the IT6000 and other accessories to enhance the inversion experience.

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The Bottom Line

For a price that is much less than two trips to the chiropractor, you will get long-term health benefits and immediate relief from back pain. Despite a couple of small shortcomings, it is a truly great value and a very good quality product. The IT6000 is a versatile piece of fitness equipment  that makes a wonderful addition to any home gym and exercise routine.  While the Body Max IT6000 will only be a part of solution, it will be an wonderful addition to your exercise and fitness routine. Click here for product reviews at Amazon.